WHAT? where is spikey? i'm still around being crazy,if you need me I would hope you'd know how to contact me.

- spikeman }8^)
the easter bunny and santa claus are not real.

You Twit Face Profile:
Name: Spikeman
Weapon: My Mind
Favorite Color: Red, as it flows from the lifeless bodies of my enemies!
Hobbies: Conquering the world!
Favorite Music: I have no time for such foolishness!
Nicknames: spike, spikey, conqueror, reviler, psycho, master, lord emperor
Favorite Book: Books are mindless drivel composed by egocentric worms who think that their views are actual importance! When I rule, there will be no place for such gibberish
Friends: friends? who needs friends, I have servants!!

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cheating is bad!